The release of the new P2000 is excited to announce the release of the new P2000.

This phone changes the game in what can be expected from a smartphone.

Starting with a stunning 5.5" screen with an HD 720x1080 pixels, and powered by an 8 core 1.7Ghz processor. That's right an 8 Core processor powers this phone, or should we simply call them a small computer that also makes calls.

If security is an issue the phone has multiple levels of security and protection available. A fingerprint scanner located on the back of the phone just under the camera can secure access to the phone or any specific application. Yes, you can now secure your email, texts, pictures and contacts requiring YOUR fingerprint to unlock the phone.

Encryption of the phone can be done at a file system level requiring a password to boot the phone, and if thats not enough, there is a very cool anti theft feature baked in that if the sim card is changed, a passcode is required to activate the sim, but the phone will also text a predetermined number that a new sim has been put in the phone.

As with all phones, this one comes with dual sim capability, a normal sim and a mini sim are piggybacked in this configuration.

The P2000 is a 3G phone so doesn't offer the new 4G/LTE speeds, however with its fast processor, stunning screen and all the security you could want, it is a small sacrifice to pay.

Coming in at only $395, this phone will be snapped up

Only US$395

At a glance

MT6592T-1.7 GHZ Octa-core high-speed processing platform
Internal RAM:2G/ROM:16G
Fingerprint identification
5.5" HD OGS 720 x 1280 pixels
13MP AF + 8MP front camera, flash light
7.6mm thin body acme
2650mAh lithium ion battery
Equipped with the Android 4.4 OS (Kitkat)
GPS+AGPS global positioning navigation system
3G,WIFI 802.11b/g suppor, EDGE, HSDPA, HSUPA

Why use a dual sim phone?

As we put more and more information into our phone, it becomes difficult to separate our work from our private information.

When we move jobs, quite often we have to hand back our company issued phone and SIM card. If we were using this as our personal phone then we could potentially lose our data, our contacts, and our phone number.

By using a dual sim phone, you are able to put the work sim in one slot and your personal sim in the other. You are able to allocate your contacts to ring out on the appropriate sim, whether a business or a personal call. When calls come in the name of the person comes up (if they are in your contacts), and the SIM that they have dialled in on.

Calls can come in simultaneously on each SIM and if your carrier supports call waiting then a possible four simultaneous calls could occur.

Of course it is also important to keep your texts and data separate, with each of these functions being configured under settings.

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