Products offers a wide range of products to help manage your telecommunication needs.

Whether it is our dual sim, quad band, Android phone, or a disposable phone number, or simply recharging your account, you should be able to do it here at our site.


CheapIntlCalls offers a good range of Android based smartphones. The phones offer dual sim and are quad band. This means that the phones will essentially work in most countries and have the convenience of two sims (work/private, local/domestic, carrier A/Carrier B). Running the latest version of Android, there is a plethora of applications available at both the Google and Amazon app stores.


CheapIntlCalls offers a number of tablets. There is the 10″ tablet that works well as a netbook or mini laptop replacement. Running the latest Android system the Tablet is preconfigured with DocsToGo, enabling you to producing immediately you unbox it and turn it on.

Our 7″ models come in two versions with and without 3G. Our 3G tablet doubles as a phone crossing into that nexus known as Phablets.

The wifi version is the compact version of the 10″ but with a faster processor making this a compact dynamo.