Mobile Phones offers fully featured dual simcard smartphone.
Offering a large 4.5 – 5.0” screens, using the device becomes an absolute breeze.
Running Android 4.2, you have all of the access and features found in more expensive phones without the price.
With dual sim cards you are able to have a single device for both personal and business use, take advantage of carrier specials, or use the same phone when you travel.

  • An ideal BYOD phone for your corporation or business.
  • CheapIntlCalls offers two android mobile phones.

The Eris is our top of the Android smartphone. Offering a fast quad core processor and a very high resolution 5.2″ screen, this device will provide you with all of the needs you expect of a high end phone, but without the price. To read more <click here>

The Apate

The Apate is our entry level Android smartphone. Offering a solid dual core processor and a large 4.5″ screen, the Apate is a great device to get you started in smartphones. To read more <click here>

The P7 Mini

The P7 Mini runs Android 4.2.2 OS, and is powered by MTK6582, Cortex A7 Quad-core, 1.3GHz CPU, 1G RAM and 4GB ROM. To read more <click here>

Additional Services

Security Pack


By adding our security pack we will preinstall,

  • ownCloud – SecureCloud file storage and synchronisation
  • Boxcryptor for Android – Pre and post encryption tool
  • orBot – Secure link to Tor Hidden Network
  • orWeb – Secure Browsing
  • gpg – Secure digital key solution to encrypt your email and sensitive communications
  • GroundWire – VoIP soft phone for SecureCall network

Phone Security

A soft phone installed on your device and pre connected to our partners network with $5 credit for use. Calls can be made to anywhere either via wifi or using your carriers data connection. Additional phone numbers can be purchased that will route to your phone, providing anonymity to your actual number, local numbers internationally making it easier for your customers and friends reach you

File Security

Encryption of your phone, code required before ANY access to the phone is possible

Encryption of your files prior to posting to your preferred cloud service provider (our own cloud server is now in staged Beta release. Register Here)

Anonymous Browsing

Connection to the hidden network and hidden services, provides access to additional products and services. By installing orWeb the full power of the TOR network can be experienced, from access to hidden services through to the peace of mind of knowing you are browsing anonymously.


The okoIP SecureCloud service is in a controlled release Beta. This product syncs all of your devices with your SecureCloud store on our encrypted servers in Iceland