Why use a dual sim phone?

As we put more and more information into our phone, it becomes difficult to separate our work from our private information.

When we move jobs, quite often we have to hand back our company issued phone and SIM card. If we were using this as our personal phone then we could potentially lose our data, our contacts, and our phone number.

By using a dual sim phone, you are able to put the work sim in one slot and your personal sim in the other. You are able to allocate your contacts to ring out on the appropriate sim, whether a business or a personal call. When calls come in the name of the person comes up (if they are in your contacts), and the SIM that they have dialled in on.

Calls can come in simultaneously on each SIM and if your carrier supports call waiting then a possible four simultaneous calls could occur.

Of course it is also important to keep your texts and data separate, with each of these functions being configured under settings.

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